Coated Sand Casting

The resin sand casting equipment consists of shell core machine, core shooter, casting machine, advanced coated sand formula and manufacturing technique.
This sand casting process is suitable for the production of cars, tractors and hydraulic parts. The molding materials include copper, iron and steel.
The surface of the sand is covered with a layer of solid resin moulding sand or core sand before molding and core making, called coated sand. It was the first thermosetting resin sand. The precoated sand casting is a kind of casting process to put the roughing sand, resin and curing agent into sandbox after mixing evenly, and then molding and core making in the mould, finally pouring after mould closing.

Features of Coated Sand Casting Process
1. Adopting advanced resin sand casting technology, we can professionally produce various types of non-ferrous casting products with complex shape and high inherent quality.
2. The precoated sand casting products have many advantages of high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance and high smooth finish.
3. Other characteristics of the non-ferrous casting products include pore-free, no voids, good heat stability, excellent thermal conductivity and low expansion.
4. The sand casting process can meet the customer requirements of the comprehensive mechanical properties.

Application of Resin Sand Casting
The precoated sand casting is a molding method, which attaches sand or other refractory materials to the prefabricated master batch, forms a cavity by sintering, and than injected into the molten metal and cooling. The sand casting process is mainly used for producing artwork and complex castings with high precision, such as engine and pump valve.

Technical Process
The resin sand casting is to mix the powdery thermosetting phenolic resin with raw sand, and then solidify after heating. Now it uses thermoplastic phenolic resin and latent curing agent (like urotropine) with a lubricant (such as calcium stearate) to form coated sand by sand casting process. When heated the resin wrapped in the surface of the sand is melting, under the action of the methylene decomposed from the urotropine, the molten resin rapidly transforms the linear structure into body structure, thus making the coated and curing. The suitable equipment is hot core box molding machine. The waste sand regeneration can not use mechanical regenerative way, so it should be subjected to 700℃ high temperature melting. The regeneration cost is higher, but the expansion coefficient of the regenerated sand is small and the performance is better than new sand.

Images Information

Material: brass
Technology: Shell casting (sand mould-coated sand)
Application: Articles for daily use

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