Ferrous Metal Casting

Ferrous metal casting is to inject molten metal into a sand mold or metal die so as to form a desired shape. The iron casting process has been used for thousands of years, and widely used for sculpture, especially in bronze, jewellery in precious metals, as well as weapons and tools. Ferrous metal refers to iron, manganese, chromium and their alloys, such as steel, pig iron, iron alloy and cast iron.
The ferrous metal casting is often used for manufacturing complex shapes that may be difficult or uneconomical to make by other methods. Iron castings are typically used for the industries of energy, automotive, agriculture, valve and pump.
As a professional ferrous metal casting manufacturer and supplier, we carry out various casting process including iron casting, sand casting, shell casting, aluminum alloy casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting, and centrifugal casting as well as coated sand casting.

Advantages of Ferrous Metal Casting
1. There is no upper size limit to the weight of the metal castings.
2. Iron castings can obtain molten iron with low phosphorus content, reducing the influences on gray iron shrinkage and leakage defect.
3. The ferrous metal casting controls the structure and grain size of the foundries by adjusting the temperature distribution in different parts of the dies.
4. Iron casting uses a large number of scrap metals, and it does not use pig iron, so the casting cost can be decreased.
5. Ferrous metal casting has good graphite morphology, high pearlite content as well as good mechanical properties.

YiNuo Casting Co., Ltd. is devoted to the research, development, production and sale of ferrous metal casting, forging process and precision machined products. We offer sand casting, iron casting, aluminum casting, shell casting, lost wax casting and investment casting. The raw materials include copper, aluminum, zinc, gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel, high temperature alloys and other materials. If you need more information about our ferrous metal casting, you can contact us or visit our website.

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