Iron Casting Process

Application of Metal Casting Process
Iron casting has been used for solving architectural and engineering problems for over 400 years. This casting process was firstly used for the production of cannon barrels in the 16th and 17 centuries. During the industrial revolution, the iron casting process was reliable enough to be used in engineering applications in areas such as bridge, locomotive and ship construction.

Properties of Iron Casting
Cast iron is obtained from re-melting the foundry pig iron in a furnace and adding added ferroalloy, steel scrap and recycled iron by adjusting ingredients. Different from pig iron, the cast iron is secondary processing, mostly processed into iron castings. The metal casting process has the good advantages of excellent castability, good machinability, good abrasion resistance as well as low prices.

Description of Iron Casting
Cast iron refers to the iron-carbon alloy which has carbon content between 2.11% and 6.67%. In metal casting process, the ingot casting can be divided into top casting and bottom casting. Steel ingot casting usually adopts bottom pouring. The liquid steel from steel ladle enters into the ingot mold, at this time shrinkage cavity is concentrated at the top of the steel ingot, ensuring the quality of the ingot.
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