Low Pressure Casting

Features of Low Pressure Casting
1. The mold filling process is relatively stable when the liquid metal is poured into the mold.
2. The non-ferrous metal casting products possess good formability. This casting process benefits to form clear outline and smooth surface. It is more favorable to the large-scale thin-wall castings for molding.
3. Low pressure casting process has the advantages of compact structure and high mechanical performance.
4. It can improve the recovery yield of the molten metal.
5. With low-pressure casting, one can count on considerably lower costs for cleaning, rework and re-melting of returns.
6. This metal casting process is better reproducible and less dependent on external influences, so the output can be increased.
7. The utilization of the low pressure casting is very high. It can greatly reduce the material costs and processing time due to no riser and runner.
8. It will be affected by the proficiency of the operators.

Low pressure casting technology is widely used for the production of engine bearer, engine manifold and gear box in the industries of vehicle, shipbuilding and locomotive. The low-pressure metal casting uses a gas at low pressure, generally between 3 and 15 psig to push the molten metal into the mold cavity. The pressure is applied to the top of the pool of liquid, which forces the molten metal up a refractory pouring tube and finally into the bottom of the mold.

Low Pressure Casting Process
The furnace is filled with dry compressed air, and the molten metal under the action of gas pressure fills the mold cavity along the riser tube and pouring system. And then open the mold and take out the metal casting products.

Images Information

Material: AlSi10Mg-T6
Technology: Low pressure casting (all-steel mould)
Application: Important components of engineering machinery

Material: ZL101A-T6
Technology: Low pressure casting (all-steel mould)
Application: Important parts of wind power industry

Material: ZL101A-T6
Technology: Low pressure casting (aluminum mould-resin sand casting)
Application: 110KV-550KV switch shell

Shanghai YiNuo Casting Co., Ltd. is a domestic joint-stock enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sale of metal casting products, forging process and precision machined products. Our company has a complete quality system to ensure the quality and performance of our low pressure casting process. The raw materials include copper, aluminum, zinc, gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel, high temperature alloys and other materials.

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