Metal Casting

Metal casting process is to melt the metal into required liquid and inject the liquid into the mould, after cooling and solidification, obtain the castings with predetermined shape, size and properties. The sand casting does not need machining or only a little machining, so the costs can be reduced and the save time to some extent. Metal casting is one of the basic process in modern machinery manufacturing industry.
Printing molds and cores directly from digital data may eliminate the pattern and core box production step used in traditional sand casting process. Direct casting material can also be used to create sand molds for non-ferrous metals. This material is a blend of foundry sand, plaster, and other additives that have been combined to provide strong molds with good surface finish.

Classification of Metal Casting Process
1. Sand casting. It includes green sand mold, dry sand mold and chemical hardening sand mould.
2. Special casting. According to molding materials, this casting process can be divided into two types. Regarding natural mineral sand as the main material, the special casting includes investment casting, clay mold casting, shell casting, negative pressure casting, full mold casting and ceramic mold casting. If using metal as the main molding material, it can be divided into metal casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, and centrifugal casting.

Metal casting process usually includes the following steps
1. Casting mould preparation. It is a vessel used to make the liquid metal become solid castings. According to the materials, casting mould can be divided into sand mold, metal mold, ceramic mold, clay mould and graphite dies. It also can be split into one-time mold, semi-permanent and permanent mould. Casting mould preparation is the major factor that may influence the quality of the metal castings.
2. The second step is to melt and pour the metal. Cast metals mainly include cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous alloy.
3. The last step is to deal with and inspect the metal casting, including the removal of core and foreign matter of the casting surface, removal of pouring riser, relief grinding burrs, as well as heat treatment, reshaping, anti-rust treatment and rough finish.

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