• Aluminum Alloy Series
  • Aluminum Alloy SeriesThe aluminum alloy casting can be divided into gravity casting, low pressure casting and high-pressure die casting. Aluminum die castings with sand core usually adopt gravity casting and low pressure casting. The precision machined products do not allow the existence of sand core....
  • Copper Alloy Series
  • Copper Alloy SeriesCopper alloy casting may be influenced by some factors, such as tensile and compressive strength, wear qualities when subjected to metal-to-metal contact, machinability, thermal and electrical conductivity, appearance and corrosion resistance. These factors should take into consideration for maximizing the precision machined products performance....
  • Precision Forging Series
  • Precision Forging SeriesPrecision forging technology is a combination of hot forging and cold forging process. It permits to manufacture high-strength components with complex functional elements. They deliver a high surface quality with close dimensional tolerances....
  • Iron Casting Series
  • Iron Casting SeriesIron castings are typically used for the energy (oil & gas), automotive, agriculture, valve and pump industries. As a raw material iron is much cheaper than stainless steel because of the high cost of the nickel and chrome added to steel....
  • Stainless Steel Series
  • Stainless Steel SeriesStainless steel castings are primarily used for corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance without plating or machining. These precision machined products are typically applied to food preparation and marine industries. Stainless steel investment casting can be polished to a mirror finish for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, even in salty marine conditions....

Precision Machined Products

Our company owns a variety of high-precision equipment and a technical team with strong technical strength. The semi-finished products through precision machining process become finished products, and then they are supplied to the customers.
The precision machined products will be made according to different accuracy requirements. The geometric dimensioning can meet the demand of plus 0.005mm or minus 0.005mm. The roughness can meet the requirements of ranging from 0.008mm to 0.016mm.
Precision machined products are customized components of high precision and tight tolerance. They utilize various materials including plastics, steels, castings and more. We have a variety of precision machined parts and products for your selection. There are aluminum alloy series, copper alloy series, forging material series, iron casting series as well as stainless steel series precision machined products.

Advantages of Our Precision Machining
1. We possess advanced equipments, such as imported Oxford spectrograph from Germany, tensile machine, sclerometer, CMM using British technology, gravity casting, low-pressure and centrifugal casting equipment, heat treating equipment, 5-axis and 4-axis advanced machining centers imported from Germany, special processes and large-scale parts processing equipment.
2. The common equipments for precision machined products include sleeper, vertical lathe, gantry milling machine, deep hole drilling machine, boring machine, surface grinder, 3-axis machining center and three-dimensional testing equipment.
3. The precision machining process can shorten lead times for manufacturing, eliminate unnecessary operations and streamline complex geometries into a single process.

Application of Our Precision Machined Products
Precision machining process can be used in many fields, such as military, high-speed rail, ship, engineering machinery, pump, semiconductor equipment, wind power, power station and electrical equipment as well as medical machinery.

Process of Precision Machined Products
This process starts by using computer-aided manufacturing which utilizes software tools to assist engineering and machinists. Following the creation of a computer-aided design, the machining progress has four stages: roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and contour milling.
During roughing, the raw stock is cut roughly to the shape of the final model. In the semi-finishing process, the part is cut to a nearer shape of the model. At the finishing stage, it involves a slow pass across the material in very fine steps. Finally, during the contour milling stage, the work piece is rotated. This precision machining process can manufacture the precision machined products which have excellent surface finish with dimensional accuracy.

YiNuo Casting Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, production and sale of precision machined products, casting process products and forging products. Our company has the capacities to carry out casting process (including sand casting, gravity casting, low-pressure casting and centrifugal casting), forging process (like free forging and die forging) as well as precision machining. We also have a complete quality system, excellent management and sales system as well as technical staff.