Shell Casting Process

Features of Shell Mold Casting
1. Ferrous metal casting offers better dimensional tolerances and higher throughput due to reduced cycle times.
2. Compared with other casting process, this shell mold casting may reduce or eliminate machining.
3. The surface finishes can be greatly improved by this ferrous metal casting process.
4. Other characteristics of this shell casting process are cost reduction, long service life and high productivity.
5. This shell mold casting provides cost saving solutions for difficult shapes, pressure vessels, weight sensitive parts, and castings requiring superior surface finishes.

The shell mold casting can use both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, most commonly using cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and copper alloys. The gear housings, cylinder heads, connecting rods and lever arms are required high accuracy.

Shell Casting Process
This ferrous metal casting includes the following steps:
1. Sand is pre-coated with a resin that bonds the sand grains together.
2. A pattern is covered with the resin coated sand.
3. The coated pattern is heated, curing or hardening the sand.
4. The hardened shell mold is removed from the pattern. This creates one half of the cavity that will be used as the mold. The shell mold casting process is repeated to create the other shell mold.
5. Two shells are glued together to form the cavity that holds the molten metal.
6. Once the mold is created, it will be delivered to the conveyor line and molten metal is poured into it.
7. After the mold goes through a cooling process, the shell is stripped from the casting.
8. The sand is recycled and the part is ready for finishing applications which are provided at the same facility.

Images Information

Material: HT-200
Technology: Shell mold casting (coated sand)
Application: Briquetting
Gross weight: 0.15kg

Material: HT-200
Technology: Shell mold casting (coated sand)
Application: Engineering machinery
Gross weight: 10kg

Technology: Shell casting process

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