Vehicle Industry

Vehicle Industry

Sand casting, low pressure casting and shell casting are mainly used for the production of important components such as engine in vehicle industry.

Advantages of Low Pressure Casting for Vehicle Components
1. The mold filling process is relatively stable when the liquid metal is poured into the mold.
2. The vehicle components have good formability, clear outline and smooth surface.
3. This casting process is more favorable to cast large-scale thin-wall castings.
4. Low pressure casting process has the advantages of compact structure and high mechanical performance.
5. It can improve the recovery yield of the molten metal.
6. With low pressure casting, one can count on considerably lower costs for cleaning, rework, and re-melting of returns.

Advantages of Sand Casting for Vehicle Components
1. The pressure and speed can be adjusted when pouring, therefore the sand casting process is applicable to a variety of different molds (metal mould and sand mould), and casting a variety of alloys.
2. Compared with low pressure casting, sand casting uses molten metal filling smoothly without splashing phenomenon, which can avoid erosion on mold wall and core so as to improve casting yield.
3. The vehicle components made by sand casting process have the advantages of compact structure, clear outline, smooth surface and high mechanical properties.
4. Eliminating feeding head, metal utilization rate is increased to 90 ~ 98%.

Advantages of Shell Casting Process
1. This shell mold casting can reduce the quantity of the moulding sand and obtain a clear outline, smooth surface and precise size. Shell casting process does not need machining process or only a small amount of machining.
2. Compared with low pressure casting, this casting process is especially suitable for producing various alloy castings with larger batch, high dimensional accuracy and complex shapes, but the manufacturing cost is relatively higher.

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