Precision Forging Series

Precision forging technology is a combination of hot forging and cold forging process. It permits to manufacture high-strength components with complex functional elements. They deliver a high surface quality with close dimensional tolerances.
Forging process brings the particles of the steel closer, which makes the steel denser and consequently a more robust material compared to cast steels. Precision forging can get rid of the imperfections and the possible voids in the original steel. Therefore, forged steel valves are ideal for petroleum refineries, high pressure and high temperature oil and gas lines as well as power plants.

Features of Precision Forging
1. Compared with closed die forging, this forging process has higher requirements on the surface, dimensional tolerances and shapes.
2. It generally needs less machining or without machining.
3. As a process of a one-time forming, it needs precision size, weight and shape on forging blanks.

Application of Forging Process
Precision forging is mainly used in the key parts of aircraft, power generation equipment, tubing components and automotive parts which have the high requirements on surface quality.

Forging Material
Precision forging can forge various types of materials. The most common forging materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and copper alloy.


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