Non-Ferrous Casting

Non-ferrous casting is a forming method that melts the metal, creates mold and pours the molten metal into mould, after solidification, obtains metal parts with a certain shape, size and performance. The casting blank almost takes shape, so it does not need machining. To some extent, it can cut down costs and save manufacturing time. Non-ferrous casting is one of the basic process in modern machinery manufacturing industry.

Application of Non-ferrous Metal Casting
Non-ferrous casting can be used in many fields, such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, electricity, communication, construction, household appliances and other industries based on non-ferrous materials.

Classification of Non-ferrous Metal
1. If the proportion of non-ferrous metal is less than 5, such as aluminum, magnesium, lithium, sodium and potassium, called light metal.
2. If the proportion is greater than 5, like copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, tin and lead, known as heavy metal.
3. The precious metal includes gold, silver, platinum, osmium and iridium
4. Radioactive metal includes radium, uranium, thorium and polonium.
5. Rare metals are niobium, tantalum, zirconium, lutetium, gold, radium, hafnium and uranium.

Development Prospect of Non-Ferrous Casting
With the development of modern chemical industry, agriculture as well as science and technology, the non-ferrous metal casting plays an important role in human development. It is not only the world's most important strategic materials and means of production, but also the indispensable consumer materials in human life.
In terms of environmental protection, the non-ferrous casting process not only has a relationship with technology, but also with foundry equipment. Non-ferrous metal casting process and equipment takes measures to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction.

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