Precision Casting

Precision casting, also called lost wax casting, is an advanced technology that near net shape forming. Its products are precise, complex and close to the final shape of the part, so they can be directly used without machining.
Precision casting includes investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting and lost foam casting. Lost wax casting is applied to military, shipbuilding, hydraulic, engineering machinery, medical device, semiconductor equipment, vehicle components and wind power industries.

Features of Precision Casting
1. Lost wax casting process can create small, highly complex and close tolerance products.
2. Precision machining can shorten lead times for manufacturing, eliminate unnecessary operations, and streamline complex geometries into a single process.

Accuracy Requirement and Cost
Adopting different precision casting processes will obtain the castings with different accuracy. The initial investment and productivity is inconsistent, and the final economic benefits also have differences. Therefore, we should take all aspects into consideration when carrying out the lost wax casting process. We should estimate the cost of the chosen casting process in order to determine the economic efficiency and ensure the quality of the foundry goods.

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